Our Partner


Cristal and its nearly 4,000 employees on five continents are proud leaders in manufacturing titanium dioxide (TiO2) products. We are passionate about pursuing perfection in our work, providing for our family of employees, and creating a cleaner, brighter future with the products we make.

From coatings to paper and polymers to pigments, our products are used to improve everyday life – a brighter paint, a tighter seal, a special ink. It makes possible the opacity, brightness and durability in paint formulas that have made modern paints more cost efficient, easier to use and friendlier to the environment. TiO2 also gives other products, like plastics and rubber, opacity and whiteness.

Cristal’s UK plant is located in Stallingborough, North East Lincolnshire, and is one of the largest volume TiO2 manufacturing facilities in Europe.